Abbi Maginnis

LPL Licensed Assistant

Meet Abigail Maginnis! She has been a Licensed Assistant extraordinaire for almost 9 years with the advisors at FFA. You may have had the pleasure to work with her if you’ve ever needed a 401k rollover, new account setup or portfolio rebalance. She’s available for all your follow-up needs! She is a well-trusted and indispensable part of the FFA team! And as if that weren’t enough, she’s always bringing her smiling face and famous loud laughter everywhere she goes! Abbi met her husband, Colton, at their church, and together they are raising their beautiful son, Lennon! A family of music lovers, lake life, and ping pong tourneys, their extended large clan is in it for friendly competition and fun! Meet Abbi!


Phone 615-771-9266 x103